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Get a Trouble-Free Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Gilroy, CA and Santa Clara County

Get Trouble-Free Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Gilroy, CA

With trusted commercial plumbing services, Fantastic Rooter will make the process easy for you

Man Digging Tree Roots to Make the Sewer Trenchless

Fantastic Rooter Plumbing performs trenchless sewer replacements for home and business owners who need to upgrade their sewer lines. This type of subsurface construction work minimizes the number and extent of trenches needed to install the new sewer line. Since there are fewer holes and trenches dug on your property, it’s a less intrusive process and more convenient for you.

Our process involves:

  • Inspecting your sewer lines with a camera
  • Excavating your yard, concrete or driveway as needed
  • Installing the sewer line
  • Returning the excavated area to its original condition

You won’t be able to tell we were there once we’re done.

Call us today at 408-317-4549 to schedule trenchless sewer replacement work at your Gilroy, CA or Santa Clara County home or business.


It’s important to have a property inspected before you purchase it. If you find out that the sewer lines need to be updated or replaced, call Fantastic Rooter to do the job. You’ll have peace of mind moving into your new home knowing that your sewer line is in good shape.

Call at 408-317-4549 for a free estimate on trenchless sewer replacement in Gilroy, CA and Santa Clara County.

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